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Our Enchanting & Dazzling interior, complements our cuisine.
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Reviews and Feedback

Reviews, Awards and Feedbacks

Press Room

Established in 1997, Shahi Maharani has won numerous awards and accolades over the years, from Wine & Dine, Singapore Tatler and many more.

Solely owned by Shahi Foods Pte Ltd and with a team of dedicated employees, Shahi Maharani continues to deliver authentic Indian cuisine in its traditional form, providing a regal experience to all its customers.


We are humbled by the many honors we have received throughout the years and we thank you for your kind and continued support. Our goal remains, to excite your taste buds with traditional Indian flavors.

Wine & Dine“Singapore’s Top Restaurants”
Since 1997 to 2020
Singapore Tatler“Singapore’s Best Restaurants 2020”
Since 1997 to 2020
Simply Dining“Silver Award 2009”
Uniquely Singapore“Singapore Service Star Award”
Citibank – Gourmet Choice Award“Merit Award Winner (Indian Category)”
Singapore Women’s Weekly“Gold Plate Award”
Reviews and Feedback

Guest Book

Thanks very much, lovely food

Mr. Waqar Younis, Cricketer

“Excellent food. Best wishes & thank you”

Mr. K. Shanmugam, Minister of law, 2nd Minister of Home Affairs, Singapore

Best wishes to “Shahi Maharani” enjoyed the cuisine, Service and the ambience

His Excellency, Mr. S.R Nathan, President of Singapore

It was a pleasure being here. Food was good. People were courteous. Keep it up

Mr. Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys
Reviews and Feedback

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