Shahi Maharani North Indian Restaurant
We are SG Clean
Maharani's - Specials

A fresh young leg of lamb deboned & served with a coating of our special recipe of blended tomatoes, cashews & spices

Tender chops of lamb lightly marinated with fresh spices then grilled in the tandoor
Mixed Tandoori Grill - chicken tikka, fish tikka, lahsuni jheenga & seekh kebab served sizzling. Great as hors d oeuvres!

Our version is a fusion of both Coastal & Northern India. Freshly caught Anggoli fish head cooked to perfection in a delectable curry redolent of tamarind, tomatoes & spices

Plump tiger prawns marinated with spices then grilled over a hot iron griddle. Served sizzling!!

A sizzling vegetarian treat! Vegetable kebabs coated in a delightfully thick & chunky gravy made from a special blend of spices

Melt in your mouth lamb kekabs served with mini paranthas

A cut up whole marinated chicken adorned on a bed of Keema Pillau smothered with a delectable Mughlai sauce (Allow 30 minutes for preparation)