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Shahi Maharani offers an unforgettable gastronomical journey through authentic Indian cuisine, admist a décor reminiscent of the royal palaces of India. Feel pampered and serenaded like a real maharani.
Shahi Maharani / Dessert
Authentic North Indian Cuisine

Sugar & Spice - To Crown it all

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Scintillating Indian Ice Cream made from fresh milk, spices & nuts

$ 14.00
$ 14.00
$ 14.00
Kulfi Sampler Platter
$ 18.00
Mango Sorbet
$ 12.00

Dairy Free

Gulab Jamun
$ 9.00

Deep fried spheres for thickened milk dipped in rose flavoured scented syrup

Nutty Delight
$ 12.00

Pistachio, almond & cashews folded into vanilla ice cream garnished with peanut brittle

$ 12.00

Indian ``churros`` soaked in flavoured syrup (Allow 20 minutes for preparation)

Jalebis (Served with Rabri)
$ 14.00

Indian ``churros`` soaked in flavoured syrup (Allow 20 minutes for preparation)

$ 14.00

Cottage cheese dumplings steeped in reduced flavoured milk. Garnished with Pistachios and saffron

Gajar Halwa Served with Vanilla Ice cream
$ 14.00

Hot carrot halwa with vanilla ice cream, garnished with pistachios & almonds

Dessert Platter
$ 24.00

A dessert sampler - Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Gajar Halwa & Nutty Delight

Fruit Platter
$ 15.00

Seasonal Fresh Fruits