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A tangy spicy lentil soup garnished with rice and chicken

Rich garden fresh tomatoes & red peppers blended & spiced delicately to form this soup


Deep-fried savoury pastry pyramids stuffed with spiced chicken, lamb or vegetables

Deep fried gram flour fritters

Vermicelli crusted potato & mint cutlet

Indian nachos topped with tomatoes, onions & potatoes and then smothered with yoghurt, mint & tamarind sauce

Also known as 'Gol Gappa', a popular street snack. Round, hollow crispy puris are filled with mashed potato, black gram & crispy boondhi, Mint & lor tamarind flavoured water is then poured into the puffed puris

Deep fried vadas, gram fritters, steeped in beaten yoghurt. Garnished with tamarind sauce

Crispy battered fresh button mushroom stuffed with spiced vegetables

Vegetarian hor d'oeuvres sampler. A mix of Samosas, Pakoras, Aloo Mint Tinka & Bharva Mushrooms

From The Shah Jehan's
Royal Tandoor

Tender spring chicken marinated in whipped yoghurt into which a variety of spices are deftly added

Boneless chunks of chicken given a special spicy treatment

Boneless chunks of chicken steeped in a creamy cheese marinade

Chunks of yoghurt marinated chicken & assorted vegetables skewered & grilled

Minced lamb subtly spiced, rolled on a skewer, then roasted

Tiger Prawns carefully marinated with fresh garlic & spices

Barramundi fillets marinated with mustard & spices then grilled in the tandoor

From The Shah Jehan's
Royal Tandoor

Vegetables marinated in spices then grilled in the tandoor
Grilled kababs made from kidney beans & spices

Kebabs made from corn kernals

Squares of cottage cheese & peppers laced with a creamy marinade
Fillets of kingfish gently cooked in an onion based sauce flavoured with typical Bengali spices
Our version of fresh snapper cooked in an onion sauce with fresh coriander & fenugreek

Fillets of fish cooked in a thick gravy flavoured with black peppers, coriander seeds & mustard seeds

Barramundi fillets stewed in a light spiced tomato sauce

Luscious tiger prawns cooked in a traditional onion-based sauce

Fresh choice prawns prepared in a lip smacking gravy made from onions, tomatoes, green peppers, a blend of spices & fresh chillies. A fiery preparation!

Cashew nuts blended with crushed cottage cheese & special spices are the main ingredients of the sauce in which the prawns are cooked

Prawns cooked in a coconut gravy made with coriander, tomatoes, vinegar and spices.


Originates from Goa - A spicy offering of chicken cooked in a hot chilli sauce with a potato thrown in
Boneless chicken cooked in a sauce of yoghurt & dry spices

In other words - butter chicken! A superb, traditional North Indian dish. Here, pieces of pre-marinated chicken are cooked in a rich tomato creamy gravy topped with a pat of butter

Chunks of chicken tikka cooked in a gravy made from onions, blended tomatoes, green peppers, a variety of spices & chillies

Chunks of chicken simmered in a sauce made from fresh coriander, spinach, lemon juice & various spices

Tender cubes of mutton simmered & cooked in a delightfully spiced gravy

Minced mutton cooked with green peas in an onion-base with selected spices thrown in for flavour

Originates from Goa. Cubes of mutton cooked in a hot & spicy sauce

Tender chunks of mutton cooked together with a myriad of spices, which are pounded together with onion, ginger & tomatoes

A delightful creation - chunks of mutton with black peppercorns, cardamoms & cloves the simmered in fresh yoghurt
Cooked mixed lentils tempered with onions, garlic & spices. A source of protein for the vegetarian

Urad Dhal slowly cooked overnight in a creamy blend of kidney beans, onions and spices with a pat of butter. Our special recipe from the plains of Punjab

Potatoes sauted with fenugreek, spinach & spices

Garden fresh cauliflower cooked with potatoes

Lush cubes of cottage cheese cooked in a delicious tomato & butter based sauce

Cubes of wholesome cottage cheese cooked in a creamy spinach sauce. A North Indian favourite!

Cottage cheese sauted with onions, green peppers & dry spices

Lotus stem koftas cooked in and onion & tomato sauce

Minced cottage cheese cooked with green peas & spices

Crushed potatoes, cottage cheese & cream are used to form spheres with a stuffed raisin - topped with a rich creamy sauce made from nuts & cottage cheese

Tender okra sauted with chopped onions, tomatoes & spices

Smoky grilled eggplant mashed & cooked dry with spices

Baby eggplants stuffed with dry spices & dolloped with a lipsmacking onion sauce

Fresh button & shitake mushrooms delicately cooked in a creamy blend of fresh tomatoes & onions

Nine types of vegetables stewed in a sauce of cream & cashew nuts

A healthy mix of vegetables sauted with black peppercorns, dried red chillies & other spices. A crunchy preparation!
A North Indian speciality. Chickpeas cooked in spicy thick onion sauce.
Best eaten with Bhaturas (an Indian bread variety)

Vegetable dish of your choice (Subject to availability)

Fenugreek & green peas cooked in fresh cream & fresh Indian spices

Nine types of vegetables stewed in a sauce of cream & cashew nuts

Indian bread made from plain white flour, milk and eggs which is then flattened and baked in the tandoor. This bread can be prepared plain, topped or stuffed with various ingredients.

Handkerchief-thin chappati

Tandoor baked bread made from whole-wheat flour

A softer flakier version of tandoori roti due to the rubbing in of clarified butter in the dough

In other words, a parantha topped & stuffed with ground mint leaves

Paranthas stuffed with vegetables of your choice

Kulcha stuffed with vegetables of your choice

A fluffy & flaky Parantha made from plain flour

Deep-fried, puffed up balloon bread

(Plain & Garlic Naan, Roomali Roti & Tandoori Parantha)
Fragrant Rice
(Proposal For The Queen)

Special scented basmati rice boiled to perfection

Long grain rice cooked with saffron & special spices

Green peas cooked in Pillau rice spiced with cumin & turmeric

Fruits & nuts adorn this delicious fragrant Pillau


This is a delightful Northern Indian concoction of spiced meat or vegetable & flavoured rice cooked over very low heat. Choose from:

Whipped yoghurt - select your own from boondhi, cucumber or vegetable